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Amanita muscaria  PIECES,SHAKE,POWDER MIX 200g.

It is a product of visually lower quality (color,shape, etc.). In terms of chemical composition, it is of the same quality as healthy amanita muscaria caps.

200 g (7,5oz) Amanita muscaria (Fly agaric,Fliegenpilz) PIECES,SHAKE,POWDER

Vurderingen er 5.0 av fem stjerner basert på 3 anmeldelser


    Gitt 5 av 5 stjerner.
    Basert på 3 anmeldelser
    3 anmeldelser

    • Fred Kono25. apr.
      Gitt 5 av 5 stjerner.
      Pieces, Shake and Powder

      This is an amazing deal. Great quality and perfect for anyway you use Amanita. Don't let overseas ordering intimidate you. The process is easy and completely worth it.

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    • Virginija Norkienė30. jan.
      Gitt 5 av 5 stjerner.
      Excellent value for money

      Excellent quality, communication, fast shipping. I have been friends with this seller for 3 years. I am satisfied.

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    • Daniel28. nov. 2023
      Gitt 5 av 5 stjerner.
      Price and quality

      Top notch product.Im verry surprised with the price and quality ratio.Definetily will order again!

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