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Amanita muscaria dried caps 150g 

Very good quality (grade A+)

The mushrooms were harvested in forests of Latvia and Lithuania, in an unspoiled nature far away from cities and sources of any pollution. 2023 harvest. All Agaric Fly is collected and processed manually.

Amanita muscaria (Fly agaric,Fliegenpilz) dried caps 150g

Vurderingen er 5.0 av fem stjerner basert på 1 anmeldelse


    Gitt 5 av 5 stjerner.
    Basert på 1 anmeldelse
    1 anmeldelse

    • Alberto01. nov. 2023
      Gitt 5 av 5 stjerner.
      Happy with my purchase

      So i just received this product and happy to say that its not a scam. Because had problems before when ordering. This seller is legit. And thank god for that. Quality looks good. Gonna try it this evening with my wife after kids go to bed. Thank you

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